We Need Your Help

Hello Alumni!

We are reaching out to you today to discuss the state of the Shawsheen Tech Alumni Association (SVTHSAA) and ask for your help. We have made a lot of progress since our creation as an Alumni Organization in 2007. We have seen the organization and its role evolve significantly. We write to you now because we are presented with a challenge that all organizations face and that is that we need more participation and engagement by our Alumni.  The last Alumni meeting brought the problem front and center – diminished attendance at meetings and our total paid membership was eight. There isn’t any one person or issue that caused this. Whatever the reasons, we can and must do better.  We want people to attend our meetings, our events and join as members, enabling us to build on the accomplishments already achieved.

Everyone recognizes there are challenges with the organization, but a vibrant and growing Alumni Association yields so many benefits to all of us. It’s not just the support we can offer current students, faculty and alumni. It’s the events we love to attend every few months and use to catch up with old friends. It’s the network of classmates from cities across the country. It’s the people we’re able to reach out to when we need guidance, advice, or when we’re in town and just looking for someone to share a drink. This organization has the potential to be a huge resource to us all, but it starts with every-one of us getting re-engaged.

We, the Alumni of Shawsheen Tech, are a unique, diverse and amazing group of individuals who are proud of their alma mater and who have formed strong bonds and friendships post high school.

We’re asking for your help to grow and re-shape this organization, to take those next steps into becoming something more. We are asking you to get involved, and help us.  Whether it is throwing your name in the running for a board position during the upcoming elections on March 11th (a list of positions and descriptions are attached) and helping to set the strategy for the organization, volunteering and assisting with an upcoming event, or simply joining the organization as a paying member.  The choice is yours. We just ask that you make it.  We all have obligations and lives outside of this organization, but all of us can join in and help make the SVTHSAA better in some way.

If anyone would like more information as to how they can get involved, please feel free to reach out to us at svthsaa@gmail.com.

Thank you!

Board Nomination Form